model ranges


The Genesis provides the ultimate in safety, style and comfort whilst being designed to be available at the lowest price possible without compromising on strength or quality.

Available as: 3.5t / 3.9t / 4.2 t / 4.5t


The Stallion is widely used by professional riders, race yards and equine transporters, offering a full height partition and long stall format.This horsebox includes many extra features which makes it the ultimate choice for traveling all horses.

Available as: 3.5t / 3.9t / 4.2t / 4.5t


Our flagship model, the Evolution provides everything you need for day trips with a separate grooms area, external storage, and our unique reinforced swan neck partition. The Evolution is spacious but compact making it a popular choice for Owens customers.

Available as: 3.5t / 3.9t / 4.2t / 4.5t

Solo Weekender

The Solo Weekender includes luxury living for one person and features many additional comforts whilst on the road. Built bespoke to you, this makes it the ideal horsebox for staying away.

Available as: 3.5t / 3.9t / 4.2t / 4.5t

Duo Weekender

The Duo Weekender is perfect for you if you are looking for all the comforts of home whilst on the road. For staying away at shows, the Duo Weekender offers the convenience of a smaller horsebox without compromising space.

Available as: 4.5t

Duo Weekender XL

The Duo Weekender XL provides the ultimate in luxury. Sleeping up to 4 people, the Duo Weekender XL includes full living facilities, separate bathroom and extensive storage, making it the perfect home from home.

Available as: 4.5t


The Nemesis provides a larger horsebox, starting from 6.2-tonne and ideal for those wanting slightly more space. As a fully bespoke build, you will work closely with Owens Horseboxes to create your perfect build.

Available as: 6.2t / 6.5t / 7.5t