Probably one of the top questions we hear is to do with payload. But a lot of people don’t understand what payload actually means, and in real terms what that means for you and your horse.

Payload is simply the amount of weight that your lorry can legally carry; but what a lot of customers don’t realise is that everything on board needs to be taken into consideration such as horse(s), tack, hay, water, equipment, passengers, dogs (!) – absolutely everything. So when you’re travelling, you need to add up the weight of all of these items and make sure it’s within your payload.

When you purchase a lorry, you should be advised of it’s payload and this should be documented in the paperwork you receive. It can also be easily checked and calculated by taking your (unladen) lorry to a nearby weigh bridge. It is preferable to have the lorry carrying enough fuel and water for regular use. You will then be produced with a certificate showing the unladen weight of your lorry. To calculate the payload, take the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) which is the total weight that the vehicle must not exceed i.e. 3500kg and from this deduct the unladen weight. The resulting figure is the payload.

We provide these weights as recorded on our own scales along with a full 70 point Pre Delivery Inspection report with every horsebox manufactured by our expert team at Owens Horseboxes for your reassurance and peace of mind.

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