Owens Horseboxes’ Top Ten Tips For Travelling Horses

top tips for travelling horses
  1. Use and accustomize your horse to appropriate protective travel gear such as travel boots or bandages so that s/he is comfortable and confident wearing them.
  2. Ensure you are covered with a reputable company who offer emergency equine rescue. We highly recommend Equine Rescue Services (www.equinerescue.co.uk).
  3. Ensure you are prepared for whatever extreme weather conditions you may need to endure such as heat or snow/ice.
  4. Make sure you have your horse’s passport on board with you – it is illegal to transport your horse without it!
  5. Carry plenty of hay/haylage and water for your horse in case of delays.
  6. Have emergency contact details readily available either on your phone or with your travel documents for nearby veterinary practices (or several on route if you are travelling a long distance).
  7. Practice loading young or inexperienced horses well in advance of your journey.
  8. Routinely check and service your lorry or trailer to ensure that it is roadworthy and safe to use.
  9. Look after your horse’s respiratory health by allowing adequate ventilation and avoiding dusty hay or bedding.
  10. For long journeys, plan regular stops to allow your horse to have a drink and stretch his neck to avoid complications such as pneumonia, shipping fever or colic.