DEFRA Approval – Why Does It Matter?

horse in horsebox

Here at Owens Horseboxes, every new build horsebox manufactured by our specialist team of coach builders and craftsmen undergoes an individual inspection by the FTA (Freight Transport Association) for DEFRA approval.

What is DEFRA approval?

DEFRA approval in essence ensures that the horsebox is built to a sufficient standard to protect the horse from injury or unnecessary suffering during transportation. The inspection covers a broad range of regulatory requirements such as overall build construction, ramp angle for safe loading and unloading, inclusion of a fully insulated roof panel for thermo-regulation, partition construction, sharp or protruding edges, plus more. Following the inspection a ‘Certificate of Approval’ is produced in your name which is presented to you with your vehicle collection documents.

Why does it matter?

By choosing a horsebox with DEFRA approval you are minimising the risk of accident or injury to your horse and of course, their safety is both yours and our number one priority. As horse owners ourselves we know the importance of keeping our precious cargo safe. That’s why all of our horseboxes are built with maximum safety and comfort in mind so you never need to worry.

For more detailed information about DEFRA requirements read this guide: