6.5 tonne horsebox

Meet The nemesis

The Nemesis is the ideal 6.5 tonne horsebox combining luxury and comfort

Our 6.5 tonne horsebox is a completely bespoke design, giving you the opportunity to travel in the way that works for you and your horse. You have the option for either a side ramp for two horses facing backwards/forwards, or a rear ramp with three stall herringbone layout.

The living space accommodates up to 6 people, and can safely transport up to 3 horses, so it’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for a 6.5 tonne horsebox with a little bit more space.

Explore the Nemesis below, and if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, contact us today for a friendly chat.

nemesis 6.5 tonne horsebox

What makes the Nemesis the best 6.5 tonne horsebox?

6.5 tonne horsebox the nemesis interior

Key features

– Height adjustable aluminium partition with rubber skirt
– Twin colour horse area and reverse cameras with flat screen monitor
– Lined and insulated luton pod with bed and ladder
– TV with digital aerial
– Full toilet/shower cubicle with lockable door
– Swivel seat manual flush toilet
– Hot and cold horse shower

Ideal for:

– Equestrians looking for more space
– Competitors who travel with groups of people
– Equestrians looking for a fully custom and bespoke horsebox

Prices start from £71,000 + VAT

7.5t horsebox by Owens Horseboxes
the ram on a 7.5t horsebox the Nemesis
7.5t horsebox with front door open

Why choose Owens Horseboxes?

If you’re looking for the perfect 6.5 tonne horsebox, then there are many reasons to use Owens Horseboxes. Here are just a handful of reasons why you can trust us with your new horsebox…


We believe a greatly designed horsebox doesn’t have to break the bank, without ever compromising on safety. All of our horsebox options are available with a low price tag, ensuring you receive extremely good value for money in return for a horsebox that will look after you and your horse for years to come.

Trusted by Professionals

Many professional riders trust Owens Horseboxes to transport themselves and their precious horses to competitions all over the UK. We have recently provided Piggy March, an international event rider with her very own bespoke horsebox!

fully bespoke

From paint colours to living arrangements, we can create a horsebox that will stand the test of time for all your adventures with your horse. Work with our friendly team to design your dream 6.5 tonne horsebox today.

Contact Us Today

Our friendly UK team would love to have a chat with you to help you find the perfect 6.5 tonne horsebox that meets your requirements.

Call: 01480891054
Email: info@owenshorseboxes.co.uk

“Dan and his team are brilliant. The quality and build of the lorries are great and they have gone above and beyond to ensure a great service. I’ve really enjoyed being a client of theirs and highly recommended Owens Horseboxes”

Tara Belcher